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Why SolidArt?

SolidArt is a decentralized social market place for artists to share, promote and profit.

Why SolidArt?

SolidArt is a decentralized social market place for artists to share, promote and profit.

Live Concert Experience

Our live VR concert experience allows artists to stream their content to their live channels making their art a virtual experience with our eco-blockchain technology.

Instant Royalty Payments

Get paid instantly with our blockchain cryptocurrency through token exchanges built on liking, commenting and purchasing artistic content and services.

Advance Social Connection

Create your artistic profile, upload and stream videos, content, music, and images while connecting with your fans and other artists.

Creators Marketplace

The creator's marketplace is meant to be a social sharing system that allows individuals to upload their content and get paid for viewership and likes. It is all so diverse ecosystem where individuals can directly sell their artwork, music and services based on their social profile.

No other app has this

Eco-System Blockchain

Trade and Purchase SodaTokens that allows you to sell, promote and profit from artistic content, material and services. Are you a hairstylist looking to get picked up for editorial shoots? Directly sell your services throughout platform and collaborate with other artists and fans in exchange for SodaTokens.

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Built For The Artist in Mind

Create a profile and upload your music, artwork or artistic projects to our social stream. Place a market value on your work and connect with other artists and fans on your network to get your art seen. Sell your concert tickets, audio clips, designs and more through our unique scalable token issuance.

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Online Reputation Management

Our algorithm delivers tailored and approachable insights and analytics for creators and artists to track their most relevant content. All work you stream, upload and promote is 100% yours. This is your platform, not ours.

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Inclusive Artistic Network

Our application is built to help artists network, share and collaborate with one another and their fans. It is the ultimate social marketplace for artists to share, sell and market your personal brand. Are you a musician looking for artists to help design your album artwork? Or are you looking to sell more concert tickets and promote your new single? Upload, share and stream all of your creative content.

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Big boys about us

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Full-service recording studio in Dallas, TX offering high quality recording, mixing, mastering, photography, and video production at unbelievable rates. Advertisements


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SolidART Studios : fully private recording studio in Dallas that focus on quality and skills, building music careers & marketing to better the artist goals. Advertisements


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Howdoo is a messaging and social media platform that aims to implement a different advertising model than traditional social media platforms. In today’s advertising ecosystem, users don’t get paid for contributing to social media. Advertisers pay publishers like Twitter, and users don’t get paid for being targeted by ads. Advertisements


Big E Films

Our Media Agency enables you to reach the people through content creation, seeding and sharing. Our goal is to continue to maximize our fanbase by producing extravagant content that captures eyes and resonates in hearts. Advertisements



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Ammeris is a global formation of entrepreneurs, financiers, and technologists designing blockchain, energy, and capital market platforms enabling a sustainable transition to a radically decentralized world. Advertisements


Our team of dedicated music technologists are dedicated to providing artists an experience that allows them to simply upload their content, grow their fanbase and get paid.

Our Dream Team

People behind this app

Rudy Luna

Senior App Designer

Paul Mears


Enrique J. Robinson

CEO, Tech Developer

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