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noun. People or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, and society. It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.

idioms: SolidART’s Featured Artists

                                                     YAK THE MACK

From making dope music to killing the fashion game, Yak the Mack (also known as Yakyin) is a force to be reckoned with.

He’s made the cover of GQ, modeling for Yeezy Season 3, while steadily dropping great music such as tracks “GQ” (posted below) and “Loft” that’re straight fire.

                                                 KAELA SINCLAIR

        Denton, TX’s very own singer, musician and award-winning artist, Kaela Sinclair, is trailblazing a path to superstardom. Following being chosen as M83’s (Grammy nominated, French synth-pop band) female singer and keyboardist just last year, the rest has been a whirlwind.

Even after joining the internationally acclaimed band for a world tour, Sinclair has still managed to fuel her career as a solo artist. In March, she released the music video for her beautifully written single “Golden” (view here).

Showcasing that she’s just as talented live as she is in the studio, here’s her live session for the song “Remnants Of”:

                                                           GO YAYO

        With hit songs like “Dammit Man and “Boom God”, founder of #HoodFameUSA and one of TX’s most prominent rappers, Go Yayo has surpassed 15million views worldwide. To add to his list of accomplishments, he has accumulated a social media following of over 56,000, all while being an independent artist. Impressive.

Join the #HoodFame gang and download his new mixtape Rich Before 21:

                                                   ZACK VILLERE

        Within three weeks, Villere’s uplifting hit “Cool (view here) reached over 135,000 views and counting. The song has generated major waves across the net and while “Cool” may be the song’s title, it’s safe to say that Zack doesn’t care if anyone thinks he is. Interestingly enough, being himself and veering away from creating tracks heavily influenced by his heroes is what got him recognized by one of them — Tyler the Creator.

Marching to the beat of his own drum has resonated with thousands of people and gotten the attention of various music outlets nationwide. Nothing short of a Jack of all Trades, this Louisiana native not only writes and produces his music, but illustrates the artwork for his songs as well.

Here’s a snippet of his track “Next” (available on Spotify and “Apple music or w/e”):


                                                   POST MALONE

        Gaining major recognition two years ago from hit song “White Iverson”, Texas native, Post Malone, has since shown the music industry he was here to stay.

He has since released hit songs “Congratulations” (view here), “Go Flex” and “Too Young” bringing in close to a billion YouTube views, sold out shows world-wide and made national TV appearances. He has worked with some of the most elite in the music business and released album Beerbongs and Bentleys.

Straight from the blockbuster movie The Fate of the Furious, click the play button to hear “Candy Paint”:

                                                          TRE WARD

        Hailing from Dallas and singing since the age of eight, Tre Ward has since evolved into a music powerhouse heard across the nation. His music is a mix between R&B and Hip-Hop and since releasing his debut album in 2015, Too Many Nights, Tre has gained over 190,000 views on YouTube and a following of over 25,000 on social media.

Here’s his latest album, Far From Paradise as well as his latest joint “Devol No Angel”:

                                                     ANDRE FOOTZ

        Andre Footz does it all from being a recording artist to music producer and a CEO. His 2014 mixtape, Ninety 93 Three, was a street banger and he went on to give us another one with the hit, “Get to the Money” (view here) and has gotten thousands of views and plays.

Earlier this year, Footz gave off more chill vibes and showed his ability to be diverse with his newest single, “Trap Phone.” Give it a listen:

                                                            YUNG 3D

Bringing a refreshing style to the Dallas music scene, artist and producer,

Yung 3D, is creating a lane of his own. His music is a cross between Rap and R&B, giving off a laid-back feel along with good vibes.

Anytime you’re in the mood to coast and listen to some dope music, hit play on his 6-track playlist “3D Thursdays”:

                                                       BENNY BANDIT

        Emerging superstars, such as Benny Bandit, are turning The “Nawf” into the new Hollywood. Bandit has dropped nothing but heat with songs like “Kodiene Soldier” (posted below), “Push Pop”, as well as his feature on FlexinFab’s “Aye Ok Alright”.

If you haven’t heard of this upcoming Dallas artist, that’s about to change! His 4-track EP “4ThePeople” is currently in the works and sure to be well worth the wait.

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