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                                                 2017 PEACEMAKERS EVENT

SolidART is Taking A Stand Against Gun

Violence. – Enrique IAM1 Robinson

The 2017 Peacemakers event on June 22-23 in Los Angeles will feature BET, PICO, SolidART and streamed live over the internet. In honor of this historic event, SolidART is launching The SolidART Creators Project on the subject of stopping gun violence. Artists from around the nation can submit an original song for a chance to work with SolidART and change their career.


          *Submissions accepted on July 1

1st Place Winner of the Contest Receives:

  • An opportunity to have their song professionally produced by SolidART + Major Music Producers
  • First seat on the SolidART Nation U Tour + Headliner opportunity
  • Major Artist promotion to followers and other media outlets
  • 1 Year V.I.P. Membership worth $300 a month
  •   $5,000 cash prize

2nd Place Winner:

  • 2nd Seat on SolidART Nation U Tour
  • Major Artist Promotion
  • 1 Year V.I.P Membership worth $300 a Month
  • $500 Cash Prize

3rd Place Winner:

  • 3rd Seat on SolidART Nation U Tour
  • Artist Social Media Promotion
  • 1 Year V.I.P Membership worth $300 a Month
  • $100 Cash Prize

1. Songs must be AT LEAST 3 minutes long

2. Song must adhere to subject matter (Stopping Gun Violence)

3. Artists (Individuals or Group) cannot be signed to a label or recording contract

4. Limit 1 submission per artist(s)

5. Judgment will be based on Creativity, Originality, Lyrics, Arrangement, and Overall Appeal (recording quality will not be considered when determining the winners)


All winners will be contacted after the results have been determined. There will be no additional “secondary placements” offered (other than the winner and finalist’s placements) unless SolidART decides of offer such placements at a later time. All personalized placement pages posted online for an artist are posted at SolidART’s discretion. Only the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be awarded cash prizes as specified online (unless otherwise posted at the time of entry). The prize packages are based on a “per song” basis and will only be awarded to one primary songwriter (though multiple writers for the winning song can be posted online as co-writers). It is that winner’s responsibility to distribute the money and prizes to the other co-writers (if applicable). Having multiple songwriters on a winning song does not multiply the cash and/or prize packages. No songwriter’s rights of the material are compromised by entering or winning the contest. SolidART reserves the right to not accept submissions from contestants at it’s own discretion and without explanation. SolidART is ‘only’ responsible for the services provided as a songwriting contest (submissions into the competition). The “Rules and Regulations” and sponsorship prizes are subject to change at SolidART’s discretion. SolidART reserves the right to make any final decision on the judging results should there be any problematic or unforeseen issues that arise. Submissions entered into the contest that violate or infringe another’s copyrighted material will be disqualified. No cash, prizes or services will be awarded to a party whose winning submission infringes on another’s work. SolidART reserves the right to retroactively disqualify a submission (after the results have been announced) when a determination has been made that a copyright infringement has occurred. In the event that a copyright violation can not be determined, SolidART may request additional information from the songwriter to confirm a work’s authenticity on a case by case basis. Cash and prizes may be subject to local, state and federal taxes. It is the songwriter’s responsibility to pay all tax payments, international customs charges, transfer fees (electronic or postal) and/or monetary currency conversion charges related to all cash and/or prizes. SolidART is not responsible for any additional costs, monetary transfers, charges or fees imposed between a financial (or governmental) institution and the individual receiving the cash and/or prizes. SolidART will only be responsible for the original cash amounts, and prizes. Any special payment and/or shipping requests may be accommodated on a case by case basis at the songwriter’s expense. SolidART will report all cash and prizes distributed for tax purposes. By entering the competition, the contestant agrees to abide and be subject under these rules. Cash and prizes, contest rules and entry into the contest are subject to all laws set forth in Australia, Canada, The United States and globally. It is the responsibility of the contestant to abide under any and all federal, state and/or local laws. Void where prohibited.

                                              | 2017

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