SolidART is an innovative media app that combines the social interaction with the joy of creating and controlling your music creations from your mobile phone in what has been termed “Mediatainment”, fun and secure. From booking recording studios from your living  room couch  to broadcasting your private concert using our augmented reality feature. SolidART facilitates creators projects , media distribution and exclusive broadcasting at the same time, allowing you to make a really enjoyable social experience out of self serve media controlling.


Mediatainment  is a new term used to describe an all-in-one media control center  such as artist media applications. The mix between recording music and broadcasting it. Music is a natural step in today’s increasing connected world. As a direct result, the current methods of getting a record deal are quickly becoming outdated. Time taken to generate music fans, build a reveune source  on a P2P basis are extraordinarily long, especially if one finds herself / himself in a situation where they have not generated any revenue. SolidART brings this reassuring feeling to people. No more searching for fans or booking a studio to record your creation! SolidART has made it possible for users to be heard and effectively.


With ar technology SolidART is changing the way our music is being presented.By creating a very unique user experience, users will be able to connect to artist concerts " Front Row and Center" at any place and at any time. Missed a concerts? Users will never miss a another concert again. We are converting pass recorded concerts creating a AR world for users to view with solidart technology. So if you never got to see a Michael Jackson Concert, you now have the chance to have a see one front row and center!

Networking : Built For Us

SolidART was created by music producer named Enrique Robinson, He doesn't have a grammy or a nationwide song. Knowing and understanding the struggle is the best way to fix the struggle. All Creators must have a network and what SolidART does is connect face to face with every creator in the world. We want everyone to succeed, our network is designed to treat everyone fair, which create long term relationships.

Technology Meets Music

SolidTECH has been created to continue the growth on music technology. we have 2 type of development teams, Software VR development and Digital Branding Design. Our teams are dedicated to creating new developments for the entertainment industry.


Enrique J Robinson

Enrique J Robinson


Paul Mears

Paul Mears


David Applefield

David Applefield


Marquis Harmon

Marquis Harmon


Join the MusicTech Innovators Team

Are you a MusicTech fanatic and really think you have an innovative concept that we can develop together? Join our team of innovators and let's be part of the Social Music community. It's up to us to improve the system!

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