SolidArt is a decentralized platform that allows artists to connect with one another and get paid. Started by entrepreneur, Enrique Robinson, tech and music were an integral part of his life. At the age of three, Enrique’s father bought him his first Piano Keyboard. It was truly love at first sight. Enrique is an expert audio engineer and creates deep beats and tracks for professional artists.

5/ 26/2017

Released SolidART Beta


Studio Booking Beta App

6 Oct 2013

Started selling HTML

25 Sep 2013

Created Company

Our Mission

The decentralized platform for SolidArt emerged to fit a drastic need in the art entertainment industry. There are thousands of artists every day who are not being paid for their work. Our mission and goal is centralized the centering concept that artists deserve to profit from their content. SolidArts blockchain technology and advanced application allow for an international marketplace to be developed between fans, artists and collaborators.

Where You Can Find Us

In Dallas of course
support team
Job opportunities

10770 C F Hawn FWY
Dallas, Texas

Drop us a line

Enrique J. Robinson

CEO, Tech Developer

Paul Mears


David Applefield


Rudy Luna

Senior App Designer

Paige Sawnson

Marketing Director

Darion Henry

Content Creator

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